Monday, September 9, 2013

Tudung Promosi Harga Wholesale Hanya RM10.

Beautiful plain Tudung with Metallic Pashmina, cotton & chiffon. Senang dipakai, selesa dan berkualiti tinggi. Harga promosi hanya RM10 sehelai. Boleh beli sehelai atau boleh beli banyak harga sama. Dari

Kalau nak beli banyak untuk berniaga pun boleh, atau hanya sehelai pakai sendiri pun boleh. Memang cantik dan selesa.

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Get your Printing done 8am-12midnight Monday to Sunday in Shah Alam

Sunday, August 14, 2011

JM PJ19 Have Shifted..

JM PJ have shifted to Tesco at Mutiara Damansara..
Facing the outside of Tesco.. call 0172306613 if you get to Tesco The Curve and need directions... have fun & have great meals at JM PJ.. :)

Monday, July 19, 2010

Map To Petaling Jaya - Key Locations around JM Bariani.

This descriptive map by JM Bariani House PJ is to guide those not familiar with Petaling Jaya. JM Bariani PJ restaurant serves delicious Malay food ( makanan sedap ) is the favourite family dining restaurant with menu including cuisines for Adults as well as children. Family dining in air-conditioned & fresco styled, brightly lighted, cheerful and modern sofa seats. Beriani is the main menu, delicious Johor recipe at only RM12.00 per plate.

Key locations in Petaling Jaya are the landmarks :
Exit 1 PJ are EPF, University Malaya & Hospital University
Exit 2 PJ marked by AmCorp and the PJ Lake
Exit 3 are landmarked by Armada Hotel, PJ Hilton and Menara Axis, where it leads to Mesjid bulat and the Rothman round about and Menara Merais.
Exit 4 is to Jalan 222, to the PJ Industrial Estates and also back to PJ New Town
Exit 5 is the bridge overhead, leading to Putrajaya (left) and Kepong/Ipoh (right)
Important roads are Jalan Utara, Jalan Barat, Jalan Timur, Jalan Semangat and Jalan Universiti.

Getting around Petaling Jaya for the first time, may proves to be a daunting experience. Petaling Jaya doesnt have many noticeable landmarks but with network of roads that maybe confusing to many who go there for the first few times. This blog by JM Bariani House PJ intends to assist those who are looking for some simple guide in PJ.

The four overhead roads over the Federal Highway after the Darul Ehsan gate are Jalan Gasing (left) / Jalan Universiti (Right), Jalan Timur (left)/ Jalan Utara (right), Jalan Barat (left) / Jalan Utara (right) and the LDP road bridge to Puchong & Putra Jaya (left) / to Kelana Jaya & Kepong(right). Remembering these overhead roads is good so you'll know how to trackback if you are lost.

Bangunan EPF

The Jalan Gasing/ Jalan Universiti is the first exit from KL, marked by the EPF building on the left side of Federal Highway. This is one of the main trunk road to PJ as the Jalan University passes University Malaya and Hospital University. Jalan University ends at the Rothmans round-about.

The Rothmans Round about was once used as race track. At the round about, you'll see Menara Merais & Lisa D'Inn Hotel. Road to the right leads to Sungai Way Subang of PJ (SS1-SS25) straight after the roundabout leads to the Industrial Areas of PJ while left road leads back to the Federal Highway through Jalan Semangat & Jalan Utara. JM Bariani House PJ restaurant is located on the right side off jalan Semangat after taking the Mesjid Bulat junction.

The Jalan Timur is after the PJ Lake on the left and the AMcorp Tower (and Mall) is near the junction, on Jalan Timur itself. To the right is Jalan Utara, a semi-circled road passing the Crystal Crown Hotel and then right at junction to Jalan Semangat (the way to JM Bariani House PJ )while going straight on the curve leads to the third overhead road.

The third junction is easy, where the PJ Hilton could be seen on the left (Jalan Barat) while the Armada Hotel (with AsiaJaya shopping) and Menara Axis on the right (Jalan Utara). Jalan Barat leads to New Town Petaling Jaya, and Menara MPPJ is located at the middle of the New Town Square. Jalan Utara (right) passes Armada (right of Jalan Utara) and Menara Axis (left of the road). Further down, would be the LRT station and left junction to Jalan Semangat.

Jalan Semangat passes the Digital Mall PJ (left) and further down meets the Mesjid Bulat (Mesjid Tun Abdul Aziz Tun Abdul Aziz). Taking left at the Mesjid leads to JM Bariani House PJ on Dataran 3 Dua square. Dataran 3 Dua is on the right of the 2nd traffic light after the Mosque, and JM Restaurant is right opposite the Toyota PJ workshop.

The Forth overhead is the Lebuhraya Damansara Puchong (LDP) Bridge, marked by the bridge unique design, the Sunway's Commercial Center. Taking left leads to Puchong Putrajaya, Cyberjaya and the N-S Highway near Bangi. Right of the LDP leads to Kelana Jaya, Petaling Jaya, Damansara and Kepong.

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